The Swedish national node, EBRAINS Sweden, is a consortium consisting of the Royal Institute of technology – KTH (chair), Karolinska Insititute, Stockholm University, Mid Sweden University, and Umeå University.   

The aim of EBRAINS Sweden is to maximize the benefits of EBRAINS for national researchers and other national professionals, as well as to encourage and stimulate the national communities to actively use and contribute to the services provided. EBRAINS Sweden will endeavour to lower the threshold for national researchers and professionals to start engaging with the services offered and to promote new services that could be incorporated into the research infrastructure.  

To achieve this, EBRAINS Sweden will actively work with creating and strengthening national communities such as SWEBAGS – the Swedish Basal Ganglia Society – and arrange workshops, symposiums, and training events based on the services offered by EBRAINS now and in the future. 

Consortium Members



ERBAINS Research Infrastructure

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Node Leader:

Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski
[email protected]

Node Manager:

Daniel Vare
[email protected]